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Meet Joel

Joel Slaven has been working with animals for over 40 years. His career began in Columbus, Ohio, raising and training exotic animals at the Columbus Zoo. It was there that he worked with the Columbus Zoo’s Director Emeritus Jack Hanna, host of “Jack Hanna’s Into the Wild.” Joel has been the head animal trainer and show producer for many parks including Cypress Gardens, Silver Springs, Six Flags in Texas and Georgia, and Arabian Nights Dinner Theatre. He has worked with and trained a variety of exotic animals: lions, tigers, cougars, primates, camels, hoof-stock, birds, reptiles and numerous other small mammals. Joel was also the animal expert for television shows like “The George and Alana Show,” “Crook and Chase,” Disney’s “Mickey Mouse Club”, and “The Carol & Marilyn Show.” His movie production work includes training animals for “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective,” Disney’s “That Darn Cat” and “Rain Maker.”

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