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Our Shows

There’s nothing more fun than a day at the beach, and at Pets Ahoy at SeaWorld Orlando, the fun is non-stop. A talented menagerie of dogs, cats, pigs, skunks, rats and birds fill the waterfront with amazing feats and hilarious antics.

Ever wonder what the world looks like through your pets’ eyes? At Pets Rule at SeaWorld San Diego, a high-energy cast of dogs, cats, birds and even a pig invite you into their Playhouse for some fun, some Backyard Olympics, and even some romance!

More...Pet Shenanigans

Welcome to our Village at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, where animals and humans work together to deliver the mail, deliver the laundry… and deliver laughter! This entertaining show features rescued animals that will astound and amaze you, including Stevie – the incredible mathematician bird!

When the star of the show quits, the stagehands must depend on their amazing animal co-stars to make sure that the show goes on. And with this talented and remarkable menagerie, it’s a show unlike any you’ve ever seen before. Dogs, cats, birds and more take to the stage in this musical, mesmerizing production at Busch Gardens Tampa.

This award-winning show at Busch Gardens in Tampa takes the audience on an exciting journey around the world to exotic locales like the African Serengeti, Great Barrier Reef, the Arctic and the Amazon rainforest and features beautiful ice skaters and some of our furry and feathered friends!

Pets Ahoy, San Antonio 

You’re not going to want to miss Pets Ahoy at SeaWorld in San Antonio where more than 130 rescued animals take to the seashore to perform hilarious, awe-inspiring and heartwarming stunts in this fast paced show!

Wild West Pet Palooza

There’s an Old West Showdown brewing at the State Fair of Texas in Dallas, and we’ve rustled up some of the most talented, impressive, and rootin’-tootin’ critters ever – cats, dogs, pigs, birds and even a porcupine. When these animals come to town, you’ll laugh, you’ll gasp… and you’ll see how the West was Fun!

O Wondrous Night

The greatest story never told! This holiday stage show re-tells the story of Christmas from the point of view of the animals that were there through song, dance, puppets and a Living Nativity that will warm your heart. Only at SeaWorld Orlando!