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JSPA is proud to announce that we are wild about weddings! Would you like to give your wedding guests a unique and memorable  experience? When you invite JSPA animals to your special day, they will be everyone's favorite guests. Call today to schedule an appointment and review our Wild about Weddings packages!

Call 407-957-6664 or email us at [email protected]
We can tailor our wedding packages to fulfill your dream wedding. You can pick the animals that will be in attendance or you can create a theme, such as Australian or African animals.

Our hand-raised, professionally trained animals will be walked around by knowlegable trainers who will engange your wedding guests and give them a once in a lifetime experience.

Whether you would like a flock of doves released during your ceremony or you would like to add something special to your cockTAIL hour, Joel Slaven's Professional Animals will be talked about by your guests for years to come

With packages starting at just $500, this is a dream that is very budget friendly!

Please click here to download a complete list of available animals and wedding packages with pricing.

JSPA has many animals to choose from! Here are a few of our suggestions...

- Red ruffed lemurs
- Hyacinth Macaws
- Cotton top tamarins
- Wallabies
- Cockatoos
- Bush babies
- Tamandua
- Marmosets